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Job loss


pay cuts

A job loss or pay cut can be financially and emotionally devastating.  The loss of this income often causes your savings to quickly disappear.  In addition to having to deal with your essential household bills, the emotional pressure of looking for new employment can be overwhelming.  It is essential that once a job loss or pay cut occurs, you do a reasonable calculation of your budget.  If you have any funds available, you should prioritize them on secured debts, such as your house and your car.  In these circumstances, Chapter 7 can be a great option to re-start your path to financial success.  In most cases, it will allow you to wipe-out your unsecured debt, while keeping the secured debts that you are still able to afford. 

Do not drain your retirement. Most retirement accounts are protected in Bankruptcy.  These are funds you have worked very hard for and will be needed later in life. 


Our attorneys can help you manage the financial burdens that come with a job loss or pay cut, while also protecting your property.  For most of our clients, this financial relief often eliminates stress and allows them to better focus on their family and prepare for their future.  

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